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Sublimation,40×60cm,Vanda_Orlova,Painting For Bedroom


Vanda Orlova


Don't strive to be perfect - it's infuriating,

be extraordinary - it's enchanting.

2 картини написані в стилі wall art представлены в галереъ

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"

Herman Melville

My Paintings

I am currently a participant in international competitions:
🏁 Participant of the Jackson's Art Prize 2024 (UK)
🏁 BBA Artist Prize 2024  (Berlin, Germany)
🏁 The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition 2024 (USA)
🏁 The International Art Maze Mag Competition (UK).
My paintings participate in exhibitions, competitions, Art Tours in Europe and are in many private collections in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Italy, USA, Canada. etc.

Read more about me and my work in the Biography section

Contact me

Ukraine, Kyiv

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авторські картини Vanda Orlova

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