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My journey in art began in 2022, when the desire to create turned into an independent desire to explore the inner workings of my artistic consciousness. From small sketches to large-scale works, my works reflect my perception of myself and the world around me.

I am an self-taught artist from Ukraine, a participant in The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition 2024 (USA)

and International Art Maze Mag Competition (Great Britain).


I didn't graduate from art universities - I just drew all my life. My life was and is my professor. Sometimes cruel, sometimes kind and gentle.

Wall Sketching
Painter in Studio
Canvas Painter
Weaving by Hand
Pottery Class
Female Potter Making Mug
Artist Workshop
Art Gallery

My paintings participate in exhibitions, competitions, art tours in Europe and are in many private collections in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Italy, USA, Canada. etc.

Mostly I write plot abstraction, sometimes landscapes.

I work on canvas with oil and acrylic, I use texture pastes.

The main themes of my paintings are life values - love, family, friendship.
There are stories that I write inspired by music.

In my works, I do not strive to reflect the exact visual reality, but combine different materials, use colors, shapes and gestural signs to achieve the desired effect.

My creative process of creating a painting is a search. Searching for a method of visualizing an idea.

I like to experiment in my paintings. In each of my paintings, I develop - through new techniques, materials, a combination of ideas and images.


I attach great importance to work with color. Most of my paintings are painted using a limited palette - only 4 basic colors! I like to find and create my own color shades. Searching for my compositions of colors, shades, constantly keeps me in good shape.

I was fortunate enough to participate in international competitions, my paintings were presented in group exhibitions in art galleries, which strengthened my reputation in the art world. If you're interested in learning more about my creative process, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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