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The original author's picture "Everything is over"

Обновлено: 6 нояб. 2023 г.

This picture tells us about the undying power of love, which is marked by the frankness and tenderness of the first flowers and confessions.

However, over time, routine life can overshadow even the brightest feeling.

And yet, this canvas shows the belief that even after the darkest moments of life, there is a force that knows how to restore love.

The irrepressible sprout of the flower symbolizes this power that fights sadness and seeks to return that original passion.

The original author's picture "Everything has passed" is not only a reminder of the past, but also a belief in the best future that can await us, despite life's trials.

The painting is a participant in international competitions

"Everything is over"

30×40 cm, acrylic, canvas, 2023

Vanda Orlova, Ukraine

картина з квітами на комоді

зображення зіпсованих квітів

квіти на персиковому фоні

картина з квітами в інтер'єрі

картина з квітами на мольберті

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