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Author's painting in the interior "Tango"

Обновлено: 6 нояб. 2023 г.

In this canvas, you can feel the magic of movement and music, which weaves into an unsurpassed dance. The man, holding the cello, becomes an accomplice of the dancing woman, and the instrument itself takes the form of her image.

The sounds of music intersect with the steps of the dance, creating a harmonious dialogue between the two spheres of art.

This author's collection painting embodies the union of music and dance, where every movement and note expresses a common language of feelings and emotions.

The interior painting "Tango" is not only the union of two arts, but also the embodiment of inner harmony and mutual understanding between creators and their creations.

The painting is a participant in international competitions


60×40 cm, acrylic, canvas, 2023

Vanda Orlova, Ukraine

картина з зображенням Танго на комоді

чоловік з віолончеллю танцює Танго

картина на цегляній стіні

диван, картина на білій стіні

Author's picture in the interior

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