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A series of original paintings "African mask"

The series of my author's paintings "African mask" is a fascinating journey into the world of African culture, embodied in works of art. Each painting in this series is a unique story that reveals the symbolism and beauty of African masks through the passionate eye of the author.

These works of art transport the viewer to the exotic world of the African land, where each mask carries a deep symbolic meaning. The color range, carefully selected for each painting, reflects the energy and richness of culture, giving the interior a special color.

Thanks to the detailed painting and traditional ornamentation, each painting becomes not only a decorative element, but also an embodiment of authentic African heritage. These works of art are created to give your interior not only aesthetic pleasure, but also a piece of warmth and exoticism of the African world. Discover the beauty and mystery of African culture through the expressive art of the "African Mask" series, which will add unique charm and individuality to your space.

три картини висять на стіні
A series of author's paintings "African mask", Vanda Orlova, Ukraine, 2023

Music video track for the series of interior paintings by the Ukrainian artist Vanda "African mask"

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