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The author's collection painting "Sublimation"

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In psychology, Sublimation is a protective mechanism of the psyche.

Sublimation helps transform destructive energy into positive. If you bring this mechanism to the level of awareness and learn to manage your energy, then any negativity can be turned into a useful resource.

At first, sublimation in psychology understood the transformation of sexual energy into creativity, then they began to call any replacement of energies that way.

Through sublimation, Man does not suppress his desires and feelings, but allows them to come out in a socially acceptable way. In this case, in this plot, this path lies through the creation of a family and the birth of a child.

Sublimation, on the other hand, is a method of thermal transfer of images to various surfaces. In other words, it is a dyeing method that allows you to get bright colors that are resistant to environmental influences. As well as the birth of a child and teaching it resistance to any life challenges.

The author's painting "Sublimation" is a refined example of plot abstraction, where the artist Vanda Orlova embodies a well-known plot in the form of abstract images. Here, the essence and emotions of the theme "family values in the life of every person" are expressed through the sense of color, shape and texture.

The viewer is invited to delve into the world of abstraction and find his own context of interpretation. Silhouettes that can be associated with family images are embodied in an abstract form, allowing each viewer to feel the universal power of family ties.

The painting "Sublimation" is an invitation to consider one's own attitude to family values through the prism of artistic abstraction.

Everyone can find their own inner dialogue in this work and discover new aspects of understanding family values.

зображення родини з дитиною
картина в інтер'єрі

картина в інтер'єрі на фоні білої цегляної стіни

картина з зображенням родини з дитиною в інтер'єрі галереї, або великого будинку

картина в жовто-блакитних відтінках в інтер'єрі жовтої спальні

Author's collection painting

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